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    • HRLM-H Beam Gantry Welding Machine

    HRLM-H Beam Gantry Welding Machine

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    Detailed Introduction

      HRLM-H beam gantry welding machine is the special equipment for steel structure manufacturers to welding H beam and cross column. It is mainly composed of electric moving portal frame, slide plate, lifting arm, arc guide device, flux recycling and conveying system, electrical control system, submerged arc welding machine and other components. The moving speed of the portal frame can be adjusted by frequency changer to meet the needs of different welding speed. Two sets of lifting arms and sliding plates are installed on the cross beam, and the guide device is installed on the bottom of the lifting arm. Through the motor and transmission device, the lifting arm can move up and down, left and right, so as to better adjust and control the position of the welding torch, so as to adapt to the welding of different specifications. After setting the relevant parameters, one key starts. It is an automatic welding equipment with simple operation, convenient, highly efficiency and high automation.

      This series of products can be customized according to the actual production needs of customers to choose different guide rail center distance and guide rail length, and can be equipped with box guiding device to welding box beam, H beam and box beam dual-purpose welding machine for HRDLM-gantry multi-function welding machine. If the welding requirement of ultra-high H beam is needed, HRXB-H beam single cantilever welding machine and HRDXB-H beam double cantilever welding machine can be chosen.

    Technical Parameters

    Model HR(D)LM-4000 HR(D)LM-5000 HR(D)LM-6000
    Flange Width 150-800mm
    Web Height 160-1500mm 160-2000mm 160-2500mm
    Guide Rail Center Distance 4000mm 5000mm 6000mm
    Guide Rail Length Customized
    Effective Welding Length Guide Rail Length-2500mm
    Welding Speed 250-750mm/min
    Max Moving Speed 3000mm/min
    Main Engine Power 9.7kw
    Submerged Arc Welder Customized
    Box Beam Size 250-1000mm 250-1200mm 250-1500mm
    IP Grade IP54
    Input Power Supply 3×380/400/415V,50/60Hz
    Equipment Main Color RAL 5015 Himmelblau or Customized

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